Items for men on a ongoing basis:

 - Razors

 - Socks, Toques, Gloves

 - Tooth brushes

 - Brush/combs

 - Deodorant

 - T-shirts, inexpensive hoodies, sweat pants, jeans, coats

 - Pillows, sheets (single size) blankets and comforters

 - Dishes, pots & pans etc...

 - Towels

 - Perishable and non perishable food items

 - Christian teaching materials

 - KJ or NKJ bibles

 - Christian movies and CDs


Please feel free to donate we are a Charitable organization.

We do need your help to help those who cant help themselves and you will get a tax deductable receipt. You can also send us a cheque to: 



P.O Box 272 Station A Abbotsford B.C Canada     



                                                    Please call 778-241-1599 For all pick up donations

                                                         Thanks and God Bless you for all your help