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Joshua House Fundraisers

The Joshua House organizes a number of very successful fundraisers that not only bring awareness to the issues in our community but raise some badly needed funds for the Joshua House.

"Often the Joshua House can feel the pressures of finances. They can be at the mercy of landlords, changing Government policy, and having to maintain city licensing requirements. They are constantly having to find the balance between the demands of working within a system against the insanity of what addiction brings. It is a ministry of hope, change, and community. It is a ministry of love. It is a ministry of God."

For the past few years we have put on a speaker fundraising dinner where we have brought in guest speakers such as the chief of police. Most recently we had former NHL player Ryan Walter as our speaker. We have also had former clients of the Joshua House tell their stories. These dinners have proven very successful towards fundraising and fun having! 

We also run the Drive Out Addiction Golf Tourney, and annual event, in September of each year. Space is limited for this and popularity is growing with every passing year, so get your tickets early!
We have been getting terrific corporate support for this fundraiser and we have a lot of fun to boot.

We run a number of other low key type fundraisers throughout the year as well. Car washes, garage sales, and those types of things.

We also raise money by cleaning up the grounds of the Abbotsford Air Show every year, have a set up and tear down arrangement for local concerts, help people move (sometimes for money, sometimes for free), and send men out for various community labour requests.

"Let's just state a fact: the Joshua House would not be able to survive without raising money and getting community support. There is just not enough government support to meet the needs of the homes and the  men. But thankfully, the community has always come through and our doors have been open well into our second decade."

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