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Our Mission


 Our Mission statement is

 "To help men overcome addiction through Jesus Christ, giving hope and restoring relationships"


 Our Vision statement is:

 "A total transformation giving lost men new Hope and purpose"


We currently have a intake Facility in Chilliwack that can house up to 50 and 3 men's recovery homes and 2 After care homes - in and around the city of Abbotsford, B.C. Each home is able to accommodate up to 10 men. After care can accommodate 5 men on a perminate basis.

Our newest addition to our Ministry is - The Creek. Nestled in Chilliwack, up in the mountains along side of a running Creek, amongst beautiful pine trees on 32 acres - is Joshua House The Creek. We can house up to 50 men (7 per cabin) in 8 cabins. There is a gym, meeting building and even our own worship center. A church retreat feel to the entire place. A fire pit, two baptism ponds, ball field - even a garden for fresh veggies.

 The "Junior Level" is at The Creek. This is mainly where we are "hands on". Men come to us from various stages of their recovery. Some come directly from the streets - they are detoxing. Some come from other "recovery houses". Some are court-ordered to our homes and some come from other treatment centers. There is a time of assessment to see how they are doing and what they need. The usual stay is 30 to 60 days. What could be better?? Being away from the hustle and bustle of living in the city to totally getting away from all that to being apart of The Creek and focusing on yourself, and getting well from your addictions.


The two "Middle House" are just that. They are pretty grounded in their programs and have a support team in place; they are now members of a Church. Their stay here is dependent on a few things. They may stay as long as they would like providing they are doing well with their participation in the program while in residence. However, they may not work full-time from these houses. If they want to do this, they must apply to move to to a after care home. All work is subject to approval, by Leadership, and based on participation and attitude in the House. These homes are located back in Abbotsford.

Our Senior location is focused on transitioning back into society like starting school or working. These men have come through the program and are actively moving forward with their lives and with the tools of recovery. Reintegration of sorts. Some men decide from this home its time to get back with loved ones family or just a new start. 


The "After care homes" are the full-time working or attending schooling houses. They are learning independent living while being dependent on God and there support . They may stay as long they need to however they must stay clean and involved in the community and Church.


All our houses have many rules, rules that you and I have to follow. Rules about chores and responsibilities around homes.


They all must attend a local Church and seek membership, small church groups once a week, two other recovery related meetings such as N.A or A.A or bible studies, etc. These are all very important to recovery.


They also have a wonderful opportunity to get professional counseling from Licensed Group of Christian Counselors, which in some cases the Ministry has covered the costs of.


We, at Joshua House are committed in helping those in need, as God as instructed us to do.

 Our program is built around a safe and drug-free environment in a Christian home. The Program costs for each man is $35.90 per day. Everything is included with exception of personal hygiene items such as, razors, toothbrushes, combs, shaving cream, deodorant, etc.

-  The opportunity to live by Biblical principles

-  Daily bible studies, teachings and prayer

-  A 12-step program of Celebrate Recovery:

-  Other programs such as: Boundaries, A Spiritual Journey, a Blessed Life, Creation              

-  Series, Relapse Prevention and many more.

-  Life skills such as: 

   (House hold Chores like cooking, cleaning & maintaining a home) 

    Personal hygiene such as laundry

-  One-on-one counseling with Christian Licensed counselors

-  Accountability to God, to others and to the self

-  Re-integration into the community

-  How to "give back" to the community by volunteering


    For a intake call Richard Korkowski at 778-241-1499


 We also offer on the job training with local construction and landscape companies.

 The purpose with our program is to give men new purpose and new hope - with the help of our loving Savior   Jesus Christ.

Exterior of Joshua House
Recovering from drug and alcohol addictions by offering each person a new start.
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