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The Creek, located near Chilliwack, BC is our primary location. This beautiful mountain range property is situated in a remote, scenically beautiful property situated on 32 acres of range property. This is the beginning place for every man who is admitted to the Joshua House program and houses up to 48 men. This remote program property is an ideal place for the first, and often most difficult, days of early recovery.


After completing Phase One of the program at The Creek, clients have the opportunity to transition to one of 7 houses we operate throughout the city of Abbotsford, BC. Involvement in community, giving back, Church membership, outside meetings are mandatory, and accountability is paramount.

Man holding a bible


There is hope and there is help.  Here are some often asked questions and answers.

Know before you go

Your journey will begin at The Creek located 40 km outside Chilliwack in a remote wilderness setting that offers very comfortable amenities in a setting of unrivalled natural beauty. Far from the chaos, and temptation, of city life, The Creek offers you a safe place to recover your mental, physical and spiritual health as you learn to walk in the world without drugs or alcohol.

Length of Stay

You will be at The Creek location until you have completed the basic requirements of training based on your participation in the program.


Call today to learn more about life at The Creek and the Joshua House Recovery Program.  If you’re ready, so are we. All prospective clients are required to call Joshua House for a mandatory intake interview and to arrange arrival date.

For an intake call
Richard Korkowski at

How long will I have to wait to get into treatment?

All of us at Joshua House have “lived” experiences, we realize the importance of a quick response.  We like to say: “We’re ready when you’re ready”. Our objective is to achieve 24-hour turnaround or less between the time you put your hand up and the time you come to us.


How would I get there?

After your intake call we’ll arrange with you – transportation to us. What’s important is that you know that from the moment you decide you want to change your life, we will be there for you.

What if I have no money?

Inability to pay for treatment is not a barrier.  You do your part and we’ll make the necessary arrangements for government funding to cover the cost of treatment.  For those who wish to self pay, contact us to discuss.


Who qualifies for admission?

Joshua house serves a male clientele, ages 19 and older.  Court-ordered placements are accepted. Due to our Licensing we can not accept sexual offences to our program.

What Does Christian Recovery Mean?

Joshua House is a Christian organization, and we believe recovery that is centered through a relationship with Jesus Christ is transformational, and our program reflects this belief. We witness men who are transformed and renewed constantly. You will learn how teachings in the Bible are relevant today as you discover the principles of self-acceptance and forgiveness of others and ourselves.

Its important to know we will take in any man, regardless of their beliefs so long as they agree to grow on spiritual lines.


There is no single approach to detoxification that will alleviate all withdrawal symptoms. If you are concerned about your detoxification, you should consult with your Doctor or admit yourself to a detox facility before coming to us. Once entering our Program you will see a Doctor as soon as possible.

"Joshua House is affordable and gets better results. I highly recommend them.” 

John, parent of current Joshua House resident

Methadone, Suboxone and other medications

Methadone and Suboxone are approved for use at Joshua House as a taper only program Once you are medically stable, we shall begin the slow decent of tapering. 

You will be allowed certain approved medications and prescriptions as long as they will not interfere with random drug screens. Some exceptions can be made.

All our medications are daily dispensed by our pharmacists.


Are you a smoking/vaping Facility?

Yes - we are! In designated areas only.

Counselling and dealing with trauma

All Joshua House Staff members have been where you are and use their “lived” experience to assist you along in your journey. We have a Trauma counselor who visits The Creek on a regular basis. Once you leave the Creek sixteen one on one counselling sessions with a Licensed professional are part of the program for you.


What happens in the next stage?

When you’re ready to leave The Creek (intake phase), you’ll begin reintegration back into community at our reintegration phase located in Abbotsford. You will be on a two week movement restriction and other limitations. You will still be a participating member in program.  Then You will move to our Developling recovery phase house and finally the Continuing recovery phase if you need more support you can apply for our out of care phase and stay as long as you need to. Movement is based upon participation in program and assignments being completed. All these locations you are in active Program daily except for the out of care phase. No working at this time is permitted until you Graduate the program. Graduation is after program requirements are met at a minimum of 6 months residency.

Getting back to work

Dependent on your participation and Graduation you may be given the opportunity to move to our Aftercare homes designed specifically to accommodate those who wish to obtain employment or further education while still under the Joshua House umbrella. A place to call “home”. 

What do I need to bring?

Are you ready to give up the hopelessness that addiction brings? Call us. Bring some clothes and toiletries if you have them. If not, just come in with the clothes on your back. We will help you!  All items must be in factory sealed containers ie: tobacco, vape juice, toiletries.

Outdoor activities
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