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Tyson A

If I were to write out my life story it would probably be a novel. So, I will just talk about the last year of my life in Joshua House. I came into the program directly from a lengthy and violent detox in a hospital and withdrawal management center. I ended up having a violent seizure and losing all motor functions and my ability to speak for multiple days. I was homeless, malnourished, broken spiritually, mentally, and physically and had lost my license along with everything I had built in the past couple of years of hard work. All hope was lost. I said a quick and silent foxhole prayer and God answered. The next morning, I had full control of my speech and body as if nothing happened and a few days later I was on my way to Joshua House. The intake was fast and detailed and there were no questions about immediate funding. Richard just told me there was a bed available and asked me when I could make it out of here. Today I have my life back, I’m in a working house and have opportunities to re-integrate back into society. It hasn’t been easy, and there is still a long way to go but this place has given me a platform to gather myself and prepare to get back out into the world

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Cordell M

“I was adopted at 9 months by the family I’m still part of to this day. My birth mother dealt with some addictions during her pregnancy and therefore I was born, with some learning disabilities (A.D.D and A.D.H.D). I struggled with school, attention, and personal things.

I grew up in a good family and was given the best care and love that you could receive as a child. Even though I was challenged throughout my life, I still held onto the love, understanding and care that my family had given me growing up. 

When I was 16, I left home and was homeless off and on, and spent numerous times in jail. I ran away from myself, my family and everyone in my life. I couldn’t sit still long enough to face anything. 

Now, I’m one year and five months clean and sober! This has been the best recovery I’ve ever done but, it took for me to go through the hardest times to get to this point. I have my family back, I finally have happiness in my heart, I have faced my fears, demons, and let go of my past life! And I will not give this new life away, like I used to in the past!

I am proud of my changes, but I know that it was only by God’s loving grace and forgiveness, that I finally chose to take the greatest offer for a better, happier life! Thank you, Joshua House!” 

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Micheal D

“I was a broken, homeless and hopeless addict before coming to Joshua House. I wasn’t going anywhere in life, broken beyond repair, but there was hope once I got to the Creek. I was introduced to God and the 12 Steps. I fully surrendered my way of thinking and woke up every day with the goal of fixing myself. It has been over a year, and I am still clean and sober all thanks to God and Joshua House!”  

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